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Municipal office, Catholic rectory,CANTO


27. Musical celebration near purposes name day St. Wenceslas


September 25

St. Wenceslas Church

The region of Czech-Saxony Switzerland is one of the most beautiful parts of the Czech republic. It is a country of long valleus, deep canyons and distand views from the tops of the rocks. Tourism tradition in this area dates back to the first half of the 19th century, Then Kinsky and Clary-Aldringen families, the landowners, made their property possible to the public. Many local places of interest serve all year as health centres because of the climate.

One of the most visited places is SRBSKÁ KAMENICE. The village was founded in the 13th century and it became a natural starting point to Czech-Saxony Switzerland. The region is dominated by the hill “Růžovský vrch“/ 619 m / with a natural reservation.

St. Wenceslas church / 1772 /, which was built in the baroque style by V. Sauer, dominates the village. The most attractive pieces are the baroque statues and the altar placed in the church in 1785. And in this beautiful atmosphere you can listen to the concerts of the international music festival “ Srbská Kamenice “ .